Acceptance Form

Itemise and value your goods carefully
Remember that if you underestimate the value by less than 80%, the amount of your claim may be reduced.

Restricted cover
Insures for accidental loss or damage which occurs as a result of fire, flood, collision or overturning of the vehicle only.
Total value of goods
Full cover - Market value
Insures for full cover resulting from accidental loss or damage.
Total value of goods
(Minimum $10,000 cover)
  • I/We confirm that The Declared Value of the goods set out in the Quotation is true and correct.
  • I am/We are aware undervaluation may result in any claim being reduced.
  • I/We have received the FSG and PDS for the Customer Goods in Transit Insurance Policy.
  • I/We have recieved the Conditions of Removals and Storage (and attached Policy Wording).
All Removal Bookings will only be confirmed once a deposit and ACCEPTANCE has been received to our Office.

Thank you for your quote

You have successfully submitted the acceptance form. Once the required deposit amount has been put through, we will process your quote and commence work on the requested dates.
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